Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Progressive Kazakhstan - how about your country?

Kazakhstan is moving to e-invoicing with the help of the needed deadline for paper:


The progressive club with public sector deadlines now include 11 countries (in some sort of chronological order of announcing - some include municipalities):

Denmark, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland (b2b now over 40% - and rising fast), Brazil, Greece, Norway, USA, Hungary and Kazakstan.

Argentina, Portugal and Nepal have either total or partly implemented - as far as we know - and work is going on in Canada, Russia and Luxembourg - and many more.

To get this fundament - fur cutting administrative cost in half - in place faster - we of course need also the entire municipal sector and all sorts of big invoice receivers to announce the end of the era of dull and badly paid routine work - including error-prone scanning.

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