Sunday, August 06, 2006

Networked Economy

My background is in banking - 30 years altogether with particular focus on e-banking since 1982 when Union Bank of Finland launched home banking. Now I am working for TietoEnator - a leading North European IT Integrator. My special interest is to demonstrate that the e-habit created in banking can be transferred to other services (business or public sector) and make take off faster as the enduser can reuse his e-trust and e-habit when the familar e-banking tools are re-used for new purposes - in practise embedded in other services.

This has many dimensions - but it very much boils down to serving the customer better - by keeping interfaces clinically simple and similar when he uses it in different roles in different services. The context customers are living in is changing fast and good service cannot be built without taking into account the fact that there is very much less time for any one thing.

The other aspect is to reuse banking tools to for example transport e-invoices and to make automation easy with common XML-standards - a very important potential for the Single European Payment Area.

The third aspect is collaborative offerings. Customers increasingly expect that service providers co-operate to solve the entire need in one go. This is obviously putting up new demands both on the user interfaces and on the automation of the transactions. The value created is on the other hand much better and collaborative offerings can also increase the sales power and reach critical masses faster.

The first and foremost thing to do in a Networked Economy is of course to network..

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