Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At the EXPP conference in London today we here from Bruno Koch that e-invoicing is the only business growing at 75% per annum - only other business ever achieving this was mobile phone.

Currently is 1bn business already but only 2% penetration.

Something for banks to be interested in? Real value added to payment services - easy to get going - same service for consumers and enterprises.

Big responsibility and big business.


Manoj said...

I heard this as well, but still find it hard to believe Bruno's numbers. Do drop in sometime at my blog http://www.manojranaweera.com

BoHarald said...

Judging from growth figures in the Nordics Bruno's growth are rather on the low side. The important message is of course that there is a huge market to capture.

Did check your blog - well developed indeed.