Thursday, November 22, 2007

e-identification is an important service

Many countries have come up with ambitious targets for public sector e-services. In many of these it is important to have strong and trusted e-identification tools. There are two alternatives:

1. use existing ones from for example e-banking (have to be strong enough by definition and are subject to supervision) or

2. build and keep up a separate system in addition.

The Nordic experience of public-private partnership with banks has been very positive. It gives faster uptake of the service itself as tools are ready, familiar and trusted. It saves cost on a grand scale. Economy of reuse, economy of repetition, economy of scope, economy of scale. Who can find rational reasons to be against it - against networking in a networked economy?

Public sector units are responsible not only for minimizing costs to tax payers but also to produce the most convenient service and thus make citizens take the next step towards a real time and environment friendly economy.  Making taxpayers happy in many dimensions.

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