Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mr Same Guy wins again

Private-public partnership - this time in Denmark. Makes all the sense:

1. for the user - Mr Same Guy (it is the same guy irrespective of service - and he should not have to learn to use different tools when it can be avoided) - learn once + use everywhere (economy of repetition)

2.for the tax payers (astronomical costs additional if  separate system is established for the public sector) - economy of reuse

3. for security - bank ID HAS to be secure - and one-time-code has been in use since 1982 without problems

4. for digitalization - faster uptake when familiar tools can be used

5. more complicated and much more expensive PKI tested first and not gained usage

Bank ID for public sector case certainly supported by votes from citizens in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Same conclusion in DG Infosoc e-id pilot (Slovenia, Austria, Finland and Hungary) - only PKI is not enough and end-to-end similarity in one go is a practical impossibility.

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