Sunday, August 03, 2008

Do not go where the puck is

I have to admit that I sometimes get a little bit irritated when I hear "Yes of course you can do this in Finland and other Nordic countries - you are so far ahead - but not here."

First I heard it about e-banking - now many countries have caught up. Then - in the mid80s I heard it about mobile phones.. "You may use those in Finland - but here in the UK it will not spread".  Now it is e-invoicing - and again the naysayers will be wrong. Some even tend to believe that there will be SMEs not needing Internet (=PCs)...

Naturally some countries - especially smaller - have a better opportunity to get the needed networking going - but that does not mean that other countries will not move ahead from lower penetration to the Internet penetration level for banking and e-invoicing. It is only a question of time.

Wisdom from icehockey: "Do not go where the puck is - go where it is going." We should not really pay much attentiong to the soon passing present state - just plan for action in the future - when the same development has taken place as in the Nordics. Testmarkets should benefit all.

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