Monday, August 04, 2008

Driving growth

Kaj Storbacka, Chairman, Vectia on growth: (snippets - emphasis mine)

  • "Organic growth is the driver of shareholder value - it is often viewed as proof of a successfully implemented competitive strategy."
  • In the core "The ultimate objective of Customer Management is to maximise the accessible market by covering a larger spectrum of customer needs." but growth needs also means that "Companies should also explore for new and developing markets."
  • "Breaking free from product-based market definitions starts by exploring four market views: 1) use existing capabilities in new contexts, 2) exploit industry disruptions, 3) redefine your position in the value network, and 4) innovate new offerings based on a deeper understanding of customer processes and practices.

My take: Could not agree more - true innovation is nearer than many find time to see.

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