Thursday, November 06, 2008

The best innovation

The best innovation from a user point of view (and what can be more important..) is when he/she can use a familiar tool for new purposes.

A prime example of this is when the the public sector accepts log-in to their services with e-bank login codes. Have citizens voted for it with their feet? Oh yes! Has it saved and can it save further tax payer's money? Big time! Is it a good example of public-private partnership? One of the best! Is it secure enough? For sure - strong security reused - is a precondition in banking! Can it be the local bases for cross-eu e-id networks? Surely the only realistic one!

Another one is when SMEs can use their e-banking service to send e-invoices - just like payments. While nobody is saying that e-invoicing should be dominated by bank solutions it is more than obvious that their ready payment systems for transport, e-banks for input, output, security and selling power is a must for a take off in the SME sector. Over 40% of 23m SMEs in EU are one-man shows and they for one sector need a tool that does not need any investments or IT-skills. Only then can they serve their own customers procurement value chains. Far too many initiatives seem to forget that the SME needs one tool that works with all - not different tools/standards/procedures/instructions/software/contracts/passwords etc with his often many customers. This is the very core of the EU vision for a common e-invoicing market.

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