Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scanning - not a good idea...

Scanning of paper invoices is not a good idea in markets where there is a decent supply of simple e-invoice portals for SMEs and multiformat service providers for larger enterprises. Why?

1. It is rather costly

2. It is not always easy to get good results

3. It does not take away the CO2

4. It is an interim solution anyway (may of course still have a business case) - but may also delay the move to e-invoicing

5. It is not shortening cycles - may actually prolong as demonstrated in a real case:  12 days on average for e-invoice and 26!!! for scanned invoices (calender days including nonworking days)

So once there is a network of interconnected service providers (or a promise that there will be soon) there must be real good reasons for not going directly for the real thing. Paper invoices have NO future namely.

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