Monday, January 19, 2009

Action is ALL

Tom Peters:

"I have learned only three things in forty years. One, he or she who has the best relationships takes home the price. Two, all effective leaders are full-time sales people. And three, he or she who tries the most stuff wins; action beats talk ten times out of ten."

This fits very well in with the success stories we have seen for example in e-invoicing...


Tom Baines said...


I'm interested in any research or thoughts you could share on e-Invoicing costs per transaction. What are tech vendors typically charging per trx? What is competitively reasonable to expect from these companies (not including wrap-around services).

Thanks, Tom

BoHarald said...

I do not have much information to share here. Public list prices from Finland can be found (low volume seems to b 50-60 cents a piece - but for larger volumes it is lower - quite competitive market. The way to business case for service providers is not high price for low volume (really self-stopping) but low price for high volumes - and to get there you need to network with all - working just-like-payments.