Monday, May 11, 2009

There are no "corporate customers"..

There are no "private customers" either.. Only human customers in different roles. And they surely deserve to be served with similar tools, logic and language irrespective of the role. Anything else is bad service and slowing up adoption of more productive practises in both roles.

This is especially important for SMEs - 23 million of them in EU. It is well known that the bureacratic and reporting demands put on them is continuing to grow at the same time as their customers and suppliers ask them to change behavior in many - and too often disparate ways. This is just adding up to too much - as the EU commission has well taken note of.

We should all support making life easier for them. Again banks are in an important role - how similar are your "corporate" e-banks compared to "private" e-banks? Do you offer simple enough tools? Is your communicatin written by experts on products or experts on simplification? Now is the time to take a hard look.

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