Tuesday, September 08, 2009

e-invoicing transactions taking off

The shape of this curve reminds me of the development of e-banking transactions back in the 80s - first you sign up the customers - then you have to wait, and then wait, and wait - and then it takes off like a rocket - viral marketing works this way ´- and in the e-invoicing case naturally the deadlines for paper or e-mail set up by many large invoice receivers and transparent charging for having to send paper.

As a result of these action we can already register that Tieto in Finland has passed a penetration of 70%, City of Helsinki around 65% and City or Tampere around 55%. Soon it will be close to 100%.  Municipalities are important as they have responsibility both for tax payers money and furthering of the networked  e-society in important dimensions .


Typical e-invoicing transaction trend in FinlandPicture1


BoHarald said...

Paper invoices have NO future. Unstructured PDFs neither.

Matej said...

and everyone hate paper invoices, its just more stuff to take care of..

Kim Forsman said...

Nice chart, although would be even more informative with a Y-scale.. As we all know, statistics show what we want them to present.