Friday, October 02, 2009

To twitter or not to twitter

There is a general feeling that social media tools can help business and other organizatons. Almost equally common is the feeling that it is difficult to find out how to do it. A bit frustrating -  as it is so obvious to most of us -  that it is handy to know  from Facebook that  the friend you have not me for decades likes working in the garden.

How could this be translated to internal and external communication? If we Twitter out our corporate events, publish them on Facebook etc - will it be registered and found useful by those who should know as widely as the gardening friend to his circle?

The tools are there - only question is if the intended receivers of the messages will have  the motivation and time to pick up the message. The answer is probably that at first you should let this info ride on messages your customers and employees will read in any case. If the additional load is useful or fun it will be appreciated - irrespective of channel and tool. But it has to be short and sharp - the age of one-liners is here.

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