Thursday, October 22, 2009

TV still slightly ahead

Internet has gained 117% from 2004 to today, radio lost 16%, newspapers 17%, magazines 6% - but TV kept its position (source Forrester). And this is the population at large - surely the trendsetters have changed even more.  Small wonder that advertising has followed. Interestingly - changes 2008-9 are smaller or even reversed.

The big change is of course that Internet comes with easy interactivity, payments integration and strong e-id tools. Naturally also entirely new dimensions of personalization with connections to different databases (especially databases of intent via Google) and learning IT in the background and teaching in the foreground. We have only seen the beginning of Advertisement as a Service.



Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

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asiakaspalvelu said...

That quite interesting that internet is number 2. I think 2010 is different. Every year people is more on internet that wathcing TV.