Monday, November 30, 2009

Final report on e-invoicing

final report by the EC Expert Group now public.


Bogdan Nastase said...

I'm from Romania, I have 1 question1/1remark regarding the final report-I expected this report almost 2 years:

2. I didn't understand, is not very clear: could you explain next steps till Sept 2010 (or 2011?), regarding UN/CEFACT CII? We have recently developed a message based on ISO20022 to be integrated with SDD in our ACH. Now we must evaluate the impact after all our eforts to offer a solution based on ISO.

1. I agree Gianfranco, e-signature is not an obstacle, is not costly anymore, is useful to prevent fraud.

BoHarald said...

Digital signatures can be useful - but should in no circumstances be mandatory - as all agree having taken part in the work this year. Fraud can be prevented with all sorts of tools - the most important one is the ordinary business process.

UNCEFACT CII v2 should be the base for standardization - more work needed.

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