Thursday, December 10, 2009

All included here

It took some time  and a tens of meetings to get this report  in place. But it was time well spent as the iteration rounds unified the opinions, fully supported the EU VAT directive for equal treatment of paper and e-invoices and above all underlined the fact that EU cannot afford to delay the migration - so much productivity is at stake - and so steep will the decline in workforce be in the coming years. The report will be out for public consultation and I do not expect any real objections (very few insist on mandatory e-signatures these days).

When looking further all this becomes even more clear that the benefits are massive. The paradigmatic platform formed by keeping invoice information in structured form allows easy automation of virtually all administrative processes!

But first the platform by:

1. widely offering servicebased low-cost tools for every SME

2. setting deadlines for incoming paper and unstructured PDFs to be set right away

3. charge transparently for outgoing costly paper invoices

4. public sector to move among the first - no right to waste tax payers money in manual processes


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