Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too civil civil servants

The public sector is increasingly outsourcing service production - and thus giving more space for the sector's management to do much more important work - policy making, driving change, creating rulebooks and so forth.

This is for sure a much needed shift in attention and should be welcomed also by business - especially as we all experience the same pain - technology is enabling everything - if we try to do everything - nothing will happen. And business naturally need to drive also regulation (and de-regulation) to save the planet and tax payers' money.

Are civil servants now living up to the new expectations? Driving bold agendas - sustainability, - productivity in society at large - change, change, change, private public partnerships (there is no public sector when it comes to services...), modernization, supporting enterpriseses etc?  Are they taking risks - like never before - to make things happen? Are they making mistakes - to learn from? Or are they still in the tradition of avoiding mistakes at all cost? Not doing much because of the no-mistakes code?

Much needed bold action will not quite yet be delivered by politicians (the do know what to do - but much thanks to media have not found out how to be re-elected if the do what they should).  There are reasons for us taxpayers and enterprises to both ask for more - and accept more steering. Less civil - but more real action.

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