Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From sending e-invoice to receiving payment in less than 30 minutes

AT SIBOS we heard Ossi Leikola of Nordea Bank describing how it is already today possible for an e-invoice sender to get his payment in less than 30 minutes after having sent the invoice - the target being to make it much faster. I have to confess that I felt quite proud.

This is the new customer value that banks moving into extended payments can deliver. Surely it will be a considerable competitive advantage. With the now ready ISO20022 standard for e-invoicing and combining it to BPO it will be possible to gradually expand the it all over EU and globally.

Time for new dimensions of customer value - no doubt.


kim.forsman said...

Takes at least in Finland more than two days (yes..TWO DAYS!) to deliver e-invoices between different banks. This is the truth for today, may the winds change in the future. Just a word of advise to the readers who are contemplating e-invoicing with banks. Two days translates to a 28.57% of 7 days net to be precise.

Bo, I dare you to censor or suppress this message and express you're biased.

BoHarald said...
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BoHarald said...

I am quoting Nordea here - wtih SMS approval of payment this is quite possible to make even faster. Banks can deliver so much more value - so let us be very happy about this on behalf of enterprises Mr non-biased Forsman.

BoHarald said...

checked this up - normal b2b invoice traffic - send today - in the next bank by 01.00. So much for truth. Still room to improve of course.