Friday, March 11, 2011

Heavyweight support for global e-invoicing ISO-standard

This is the global support from SWIFT that the market needs. As seen from the work with the Single European Payment Area it is necessary to get a network standard in place first – and then make the market create end-to-end harmonization. This will happen faster if enterprises using these services and regulators see and drive the big picture – and service providers go for the inevitable network interoperability models.

This should also end the debates on:

if a global network standard for e-invoicing is needed – and if Europe should not be the first to deploy

-  if the ISO20022 e-invoice message standard – based on ISO methodology, processes and change request procedures – is in some way less of a standard in the real sense than the ISO20022 SEPA-payment standard – created in the same way

- if the ISO20022 e-invoicing standard is in some way meant to be used only by service providers from the banking sector – certainly not the case. So now it is very much up to all service providers to adopt it – before regulators have to do it (like SEPA). I am sure all will side with this – preferably publicly – and as soon as possible.

Great day!


blougher said...

That's all we need - another standard!

BoHarald said...

Blougher: Whoever you are - the reasons:
- global standard for EU asked for by the EU Commission - now delivered based on UNCEFACT CIIv2
- all industries have worked towards this in TGB1
- to get a network working effeciently a network standard is needed
- now we have a really capable one in place
- why not be happy?

James R. Clawson said...

Sounds like an important puzzle for European E-invoicing. Hopefully this standard that is talked about will be the ticket that will efficiently put electronic invoicing on the map for Europeans!

BoHarald said...

If this one is not - then I do not know what could be..