Thursday, March 03, 2011

Searching questions needed

1. Do we in EU – widely enough -  realize that preserving the living standards of today and having more to share to those who need help - is totally dependent on how competitive our enterprises are?

2. Do we – widely enough -  realize that markets are global and open and Europe is not faring well in the competition? Exporting both jobs and high tech development – importing instead of exporting also high value products.

3. Have we seen the reasons? We are high on costs, low on motivation, low on innovation, slow on Single Market integration, high on debt and low on enterprise-academic research and teaching co-operation?

4. Have we seen what is around the corner: a radical decline in the number of people in working age and a corresponding rise in the care-intensive elderly population?

5. Have we realized that we can improve both productivity, service levels, sustainability, work force availability and learning (by doing – just in time) with digitalization and automating administrative processes – in both private and public sectors (lower tax burden)?

6. Have we realized how important a real Single Market is for enterprises competiveness?

7. Have we realized that digitalization of administrative processes – if done with harmonized rules and common standards can do more for the Single Market than anything else on offer?

Not widely enough – much work to do..

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