Monday, August 08, 2011

More news on country deadline front

Latest on the country front – aiming at > 1. saving tax payer’s money, 2. collecting VAT due – efficiently, 3.pushing the SME-sector into better productivity, 4. increasing work force upward mobility and 5. contributing to CO2 targets.

Deadlines issued: Denmark, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Norway

Latest:  Greece is expected to adopt e-invoices for business-to-government (B2G) transactions starting with 2012 aiming at a single prototype for electronic invoices, in a bid to enable enterprises to adopt this method in 2012.

The Greek government expects to save around 3.0 billion euros annually, while enterprises are likely to save more than 1.0 billion euros annually, the source indicates. The plan aims for all financial transactions between the public sector and enterprises to be made exclusively electronically in the Q1 2012.

Countries with partial deadlines and preparatory deadline-discussions include:

- Argentina (mandatory for importers in 2010),

Portugal (may actually belong to the having-done-category),

- USA (heading for 2012),

- Canada, Luxembourg, Russia..

- The Netherlands have issued an ambition to reach 80% in 4 years

-  the German Procurement Office (Bundes-beschaffungsamt) has electronified its process completely.


- Switzerland had first deadline to prepare public sector systems for being e-invoicing ready; second step is now the discussion in the parliament to go towards obligation

- France - plan was to declare it as mandatory in 2012 – now a bit unclear

- Nepal – VAT-fraud driven “To our reckoning, we must not delay enforcement of an electronic billing system,” the source said.

More information surely around – please let me know.

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