Thursday, August 24, 2006

2. It is Mr Same Guy - understand how the enduser´s practise can be served in a way that makes him move faster.

This is the main point - the customer must be treated as one person - he has already learned to use and trust e-banking tools - and when other serve him they will get a much faster take-up if they let him use familiar tools - embed banking in there own service (and of course also the other way). E-banking is an ideal supplier of the tools as they are used so often, already invested in, have to be very secure and are also a part of the defence against money laundering.

Other aspects include every possible effort to simplify the service and improve discoverability with various methods.

This picture is also pointing out that customers frequently are dealing with banks, utilities, public sector, teleoperators etc in different roles - as private and corporate customers. Of course they should have a similar user experience in all cases. Economy of repetition cross sectors.

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