Thursday, December 27, 2007

Facebook - fostering social responsibility?

Anonymity on the web - or why not also elsewhere - may lead to irresponsible behavior it is said. To appear without revealing your identity may not foster social responsibility, but rather invite to insulting others. If you read discussion threads where people mostly appear without their real names this looks rather obvious.

The idea with Facebook is of course totally different - anonymity is not accepted and an alias is not needed as you connect with your friends. Perhaps the increasing share of time spent on interacting on the social web will for its part lead to more responsible and reflective behaviour also elsewhere.

Still it is important to find ways to let people let out thoughts also without revealing identities - but as registration mostly is needed it is a big responsibility for the registrator to protect what is promised. Maybe banks should provide a back door out from e-banking - people coming out will have a stamp - age and alias for example - others can trust that they exist and have a legal age.

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