Thursday, December 06, 2007

Privacy - yes and no

I found a very interesting blog by Eero Korhonen dealing with all sorts of interesting issues - this about privacy (emphasis added):

"The question of privacy is very important. Consumers - you and me -want to choose what we tell friends. We are not willing to share everything. One doesn’t want to tell what books were bought from Amazon, what recipies were downloaded or what NY Times article was saved. But, there is a clear controversy on the behaviour. Many of my friends are sharing really private information voluntarily in Facebook: His birthday is today, she is not listed anymore as single, they’re attending political happening, he have just read Jonathan Glover’s book

We working with advertising, online shopping or customer behaviour databases have to be aware on the users’ privacy concerns. Loosing public trust on privacy issues, may lead to loosing the consumer acceptance also. Online communities use their power and vote with their feet (or with mouse and index finger).

One thing is sure: Advertising, marketing and media is getting more and more interesting business!"

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