Saturday, January 19, 2008

Many to many

The goal for e-invoicing programs must be many-to-many - just like with payments. It should be sufficient to have one service provider to reach all - and it should - with the help of standards - be easy to switch to a better or cheaper one. It should not be bank-centric nor operator-centric but include all - many sorts of service providers.

When many service providers bring in different skills and capabilities,  the combined effect should also be faster mass market adoptation. Success is measured with how fast EU enterprises sign up to e-invoicing, how easy it will be to take in use for SMEs, how costefficient the services are, how well they further automation of entire value chains, how much they improve cash flow and lower financing cost - and so on.

It all starts with seeing the big picture - and that a joint effort leads to the best results for all stakeholders. And as the productivity impact is so massive (over 200bn€ per year) - we have to make progress fast.

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Andrea said...

E-invoicing, every time I hear this term many thoughts start to run in my mind.

I've always believed in e-invoicing ( ) and that's also why iTive ( ) just sends e-invoices.

Reaching a 'critical mass' of providers represents the tipping point for e-invoicing.
Once that tipping point will be crossed we'll see roadblocks falling more easily ( including the skepticism that unfortunately is still present especially among SMEs...).

Inspiring post as usual Bo,

Take care and have a nice weekend!