Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nothing in particular

When asked in the past what you were doing the answer was often:

 " Nothing in particular" This does not happen that often today. Some feel a bit sad about having lost it. Others feel relieved that the municipalities do not have to continue programmes employing "Leisure time consultants" as they were called in the Nordics.

So now we are 24/7 - live, eat and sleep like commando-soldiers. The answer to the what-we-are-doing-question is almost always something precise - as can be seen from Facebook, Jaikus and Twitters. Often enough there is a strong focus on what is informative and useful for personal developement and careers, stimulating and productive, challenging and confirming.

Is it that bad? Well I love it. As long as it feels like investing in oneself it cannot be bad.

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Andrea said...

It's nice to see you on Twitter Bo!

just clicked to 'follow' you..

I'm on Jaiku too