Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming live

I attended a big payments conference in London last week. Amazed and inspired by how much progress is happening in the e-invoicing field. Six months ago there were still some unsure around - now it is being preached by all - coming live in many countries at the same time. Typical hockey-stick effect - first nothing happens - then nothing - then nothing - then nothing - and then all of it in one go. But you have to have staying power and believe in your cause.

This is all boding good for the success of the EU Expert Group - which has gotten off to an extremely good start - both in spirit and in the number of hours and days put in by so many.

The motto is clear: PAPER INVOICES HAVE NO FUTURE - for 238 billion productivity reasons - not to talk about the better service it brings, the environment that it saves and the learning-how-to-digitalize it brings.

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