Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Closing session in Brdo

Some remarks:

- digital divide should be eliminated - how? My take: make it cheap, easy and build on skills and habits already in place, make it available also in mobile devices - not only expands the potential users but also the scope and scale as time is added through the omnipresence

- France will be looking at the Future Internet and mobile

- create a single market in the online space

- environmental issue is getting very much more attention than before

- universal service obligation of postal systems have to be re-addressed when 30billion invoice-containing letters will go electronic

- user and consumer is in the very centre - need to address not only how to make it easy and cheap - but also define the responsibilities and rights of all - in a balanced way (cost of "unlimited liabilities" is very high - and all of it is paid by the citizens)

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