Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Real time from Brdo

Listening to interesting presentations - and speaking about e-invoicing. Take:

- 15-59 age group in Europe now numbers 460m - in 2025 50 million smaller, in 2050 only 330m... >

- everything that can be automated will be  really must be - e-invoicing certainly the widest possible and easiest next step >

- we need to do real things - sign up - start using - not strategy papers

- legislation should be technology-neutral - integrity and authenticity does not require digital signatures in e-invoicing or in other managed networks

- the EU-pilot led by Slovenia has already revealed that several e-id tools (certificates, one-time-passwords) etc should be used - the cross-border network should be interoperable with the same model as for e-invoicing - federative models are the realistic ones

- we have to take responsibility for tax payers' money by reusing e-id tools already in place - interoperability, integrity and authenticity can be solved with ready tools

- it is always better to start early (very) with modest investments and add technology only when really needed

- it is allways better to take lower operative risks in processes first and then make easier if possible

- re-using tools also means economy of repetition - consumers and employees can adopt much faster when they are offered familiar and trusted tools

- Finnish public sector is now critizised by state auditors for having spent 50m€ on citizen certificate when bank e-id can do a better job for users at a miniscule cost - this disaster should be avoided elsewhere - if bank e-id is not invited then take-up of services will be very much delayed and of course cost 10s of billions - for no good reason

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