Thursday, January 28, 2010

e-banking high up


What are Internet users doing on the net? A new study (Redera) produced the following for Finland:

- looking for information             97%  

- e-banking                               95%

- customer feedback                   76%

- public sector services               71%

- shopping                                70%

- inquiries (about merchandise)   67%

- booking services                      49%

- interacting with associations     43%

- buying music                          18%

Comments - banking should be 100% - but in many cases it is done by either wife or husband - and rather few under 18 have used the option - as they seldom have bills to pay or much of balances to admire. The public sector is doing rather well - aided by using bank id for access control. Inquiries are too high up - web offerings apparently not easy enough. Music is low - Nokia comes with music.

As it is Mr Same Guy who use all these services it is getting increasingly important to see to it that the user experience is as similar as possible across services - irrespective of role  - there are no corporate customers.... as outlined in earlier post

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