Monday, January 03, 2011

What did you read?

posted this list on 30.12.2010 – checked growth in selected page views today (3.1.2011)

On EU:

On e-banking

On e-invoicing:

On e-id service:

  • e-id service making great progress: 4711 + 18
  • Miserable public isolation: 1916 + 37!
  • e-id and e-payment progress in 2009 – Finland: 1688 + 23

    On innovations:

    On cash:

    On blogging:

    Conclusions to draw? Is it the topic, the headline, the newness or something else that lead to page views? Are you rereading or first time checking in?  Probably a mixture. Hope you find both the document and the opinion repository aspects useful.

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