Thursday, September 28, 2006

Real time observations from EU-presidency conference i2010 in Espoo, Finland

Many speakers address the dilemma of finding the new GSM success story. Enough strong hand - but not too much. The known fact is that only standards will lead to competition which will lead to progress. But the jungle of vested interest seems to manage to hold back efforts to create this so very necessary base. What we need is statesmanship - signals from the EU commission has indicated that there the thinking is sound - minimize interference in nitty-gritty details and instead saving the gunpowder for bold moves. What now is needed is that the member states give their full support to these efforts.

EU-Commisar Vivian Reding made a very forceful speach - less talk and more action! Ms Susanna Huovinen - Finnish Minister for Communication hosting the event opened with a clear message - standardisation is needed - also in the logistics area - e-invoicing was mentioned as an important area.

And now we here from the CEO of France Telecom - that there are 8 million blogs in France. The chairman of Fujitsu will soon say that the rapid growth of user created content is forming a huge mass of collective intelligence. This taken together with ubiquitous mobile terminals for participating in the knowledge sharing and creation - and initiating transactions is paving way for a much faster development and realtime processes to improve productivity on a massive scale.

Should this not open the eyes of the last doubters? Clinging to the past has never been a good business model.

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